Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wow what a year its been

wow what a year its been - it started out with a mystery weekend to celebrate 15 yrs of marriage - then in Febuary my husband put on a surprise birthday to celebrate my 5oth birthday he did such a great job of keeping it every so secret - Icame home after a big day out with friends to the house looking very beautiful - flowers, candles the works with lots of yummy food and family and friends - if only he had let me know I would have added a few more people to the guest list!!! I felt quite overwhelmed....

In March our son Nick got married to the most beautiful girl Ratha, it was a lovely day and Blair did a great job as the celebrant.  We were very proud of both of them  - it was such a beautiful day and they organised everything in less than 3 months with Ratha making not only her own dress but the bridesmaids, flower girls, her mother, a couple of fascinaters, and the table decorations  

                                                   the weekend after the wedding we took 2 months leave so we could walk across Northern Spain 820km in sll over 29 days  - its called the Camino de Santiago. Phew it was some journey but was so wonderul to be able to take the time out to complete. Lots of training and planning went in to it - but at the end of the day nothing could really prepare you for walking up to 39 km each day and every night my whole body ached and the snoring that is a whole blog on its own. The highlight of the journey for me was meeting so many gorgeous people - the memory of those days will stay with me for a very long time - it kinda has ruined me for every day life though -especially  coming back to work....                             

2010 is also the year of the grandchildren - now look at these beautiful children..... dear little Maximus with joins his sisters Giana and Leila,  we call him Max and boy is he is growing fast - we love spending time with them - the girls especially love to come to Noni and Papa's for a sleep over - they just love their little brother which really is very special
Now we have a little aussie grandson Ethan so we are in the process of working out when we can get to Aussie to see him.... as you can imagine with all this going on have not had much time to quilt - although have managed to get off to several retreat to work on some projects so did manage to get a cot quilt done for Max, and a lovely red quilt I made as a housewarming present for a friend - will post picutres later

Monday, September 27, 2010

stitching nite

First night on the blog - stitching with my friends Rae & Lynley - they've just helped me set up my blog..... Yay for stitching with good friends